Prototypes are an excellent way of realising the design in its physical form and can be used to validate the product in its required environment .

KAM offers a variety of prototyping solutions to suit your project budget. With our in house printers we can supply quick and effective models, and where required we produce high level realistic models that can be used to visualise materials and surface finishes to match that of the final product. These models have been used by past clients to initiate first off sales and carry out basic testing. We can provide SLA, SLS, 3D printed models and CNC fabrications.

Concept development

We provide a comprehensive concept development service. Starting from our client’s initial vision we will help grow these ideas into a full product design. To do this we use a variety of techniques to develop the best products for our customers, their markets and brands.

Photo rendering

Using our photo rendering process, we can create photo-realistic renders. High quality renderings can produce natural shadows, photo realistic surfaces with environmental reflections.

Photo rendering is an excellent and professional way of presenting to the sales and marketing departments of your business. This allows a realistic view of the new product saving time and money as the product moves forward to production.

Computer Aided Design & Engineering

We specialise in 3D CAD design services ranging from single parts to full assemblies. Using 3D CAD design, enables us to produce fast, efficient design using surfacing and solid modelling techniques. Our systems liaise directly with rapid prototyping machines and through Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) we can download part designs to CNC machining centres, enabling projects to be completed seamlessly from design to manufacture.

 We use Solidworks as our main CAD system. We are also experienced and efficient in using other packages such as Solidedge and Inventor.